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I left my heart in Barents

Photo by Anu Juuri

New winds are blowing

Photo by Anu Juuri

We are ready for more

Photo by Anton Bagurin

Do you miss the cooperation development?

Photo by Anton Bagurin

Everything is ready for the arrival of the neighbors

Photo by Marina Shekhtman

Space entry

Photo by Dmitry Gornaev

We are always next to you.

Photo by Kira Zyapaeva

Girl walking in snow

“I’m on my side!”

Photo by Kira Zyapaeva

Covid 19 made me realise what truly matters

Photo by Sandra Hallnor

A schoolboy on the distance learning

Photo by Olga Golovina

Girls in masks

Photo by Lev Fedoseev

Isolated at 78 degrees north

Photo by Oddgeir Sagerup

Fanden er ikke så svart som en maler ham. Solen er allerede nær…

Photo by Pavel Vezhlivtsev

Настя на берегу

Photo by Oleg Yaromiy

Ночное зарево

Photo by Oleg Yaromiy

Family Noel