Discover Barents 2020

– The winners are selected

The Discover Barents competition 2020 has now ended. Thank you for your participation! The jury has selected the winners in this photo contest; the first, second, third and social media prize recipients are contacted.

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I left my heart in Barents

Photo by Anu Juuri

New winds are blowing

Photo by Anu Juuri

We are ready for more

Photo by Anton Bagurin

Do you miss the cooperation development?

Photo by Anton Bagurin

Everything is ready for the arrival of the neighbors

Photo by Marina Shekhtman

Space entry

Photo by Dmitry Gornaev

We are always next to you.

Photo by Kira Zyapaeva

Girl walking in snow

“I’m on my side!”

Photo by Kira Zyapaeva